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Star Power SessionsStar Power Sessions, a new full-service recording and production company piloted by veteran producer/engineer Tom Parham and producer/musician Ron Keel, has released their first album project by Chicago rock artist “Billt.”

Using Hit Track Studios in Cedar City, Utah as their command center and home base, Keel and Parham have created a business model where bands, artists, singers, songwriters and musicians can fulfill their creative visions in a state-of-the-art recording studio accompanied by well-known rock star session players and singers. Being located only a few hours’ north of Las Vegas provides the opportunity to utilize the services of dozens of world class musicians with gold and platinum credits who now call Vegas home.

“For instance,” Parham states, “if you want Carmine Appice or Les Warner from The Cult to do your drum tracks, we can arrange that. If you want Oz Fox from Stryper or Brent Muscat from Faster Pussycat to throw down solos on your project, we can arrange that. You want Ron Keel to sing on your session, he’s right here. We can make your recording fantasy a reality.”

“In addition to giving our clients a once-in-a-lifetime recording experience,” Keel adds, “we’re creating master-quality product that is ready for the marketplace, so our artists can get a return on their investment by owning and releasing their own singles and albums.”


“Billt,” the first project produced by the Star Power team, is a perfect example. When Chicago songwriter Bill Totzke wanted to realize his dream of having his music professionally recorded and released, he came to Star Power Sessions; Ron and Tom guided him through the pre-production process of fine-tuning the material, selecting the right session musicians and singers, recording, mixing, mastering and also valuable insight on all aspects of the post-recording business such as how to set up your own publishing company, digital distribution, manufacturing physical CD’s, and the infrastructure necessary to launch an album project.

“I couldn’t be happier with the results,” emphasized Bill Totzke. “It was amazing to see and hear my songs come to life like this, and to hold this album in my hands is something I’m very proud of.”

Tom Parham is an award winning producer and engineer (gold and platinum albums for his work with Sublime and Five Finger Death Punch); Ron Keel is a multimillion selling recording artist, musician, songwriter and radio show host.

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